Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sleeping Epiphany

I complain way too much about how little sleep I get [I know that, I just CANNOT STOP!], but it's in the in-between stages of sleep/not-sleep when I get ideas (or realize I did my financial math wrong, but that's not a romance. Oops).

Last night or this morning, not sure which, I figured out the hero and heroine for my next book, which I am going to try to embed in my current book, kind of a jumping-off point. My hero is going to be waaaayyy Alpha. I like those Alphas. I like writing them a lot, too--allows me to live vicariously confident and kick-ass through them as opposed to the confrontational wimp I am in real life.

I still haven't found another book to start reading--the Regency-set historical I tried just wasn't cutting the mustard, so to speak, so I'm dumping it before I berate myself for wasting time.

I am thinking about picking up the next book [that I haven't read] in Barbara Hambly's Benjamin January series because she never, ever disappoints. And I always find a word I don't know within the first three pages.

In other news, I am still dull. Dull, dull, dull. But at least I am not miserably cold. Just dull.


sandy l said...

Just a warning. Barbara Hambly is so good, that she spoiled me for other books. It was a long time before I could find something that held up to the January series.

5:56 PM  
CindyS said...

I probably talk too much about sleep too ;) The past week has been weird but I have been tired but unable to sleep even with a little help. Then I'm up and about but I know I can't get in the car because that would be stupid so I'm tied to the house. Hopefully this will break and things will settle again. I know what you mean about the brain figuring things out when you are just about asleep.

Back ages ago when I played piano I had these scales that were kicking my arse and the test was the next day. I swear all through the night I played scales in my sleep - the next day was the only time I ever played those scales perfect. Sometimes sleeping on it really helps.

And I love Alpha heroes too ;)


10:35 PM  
Amanda McCabe said...

I also love the January series! Recently I read another book by Barbara Hambly, a historical novel about the "founding mothers" of the US (Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, etc), and really loved it. This is not a time period I'm hugely interested in, either, but she made these women seem like belivable, living characters. I recommend it if you want something new to read, Megan. :))

3:06 PM  

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